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>> we begin tonight with breaking news. right now, police are looking for the man who shot three people at a gas station in northwest d.c. the victims a woman and two men. they were apparently just innocent bystanders at the b.p. station. the shooter got into a dispute with the gas station clerk. he went to his car and came back shooting. the three victims are expected to survive. the petraeus plot thickens. what began as an extramarital affair has more into a drama of intrigue and access with a lot of us wondering what could possibly be next? >> having trouble keeping up? debra alfarone walks us through it. she's in northwest d.c. where paula broadwell was spotted a short time ago. >> reporter: derek and anita, she's the woman at the center
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of this high-powered scandal. until now paula broadwell has remained largely out of sight. that is until tonight. she's in northwest d.c. take a look at this video shot earlier. she's basically captures her in her brother's apartment. d.c. attorney in his mount pleasant home. she's in the kitchen, apparently preparing dinner. if you're finding it tough to keep up with the twists and turns of this drama, here's a rundown. was it really just friday when we found out the affair between the very much married, now former cia director david petraeus and this woman, the also very much married biographer paula broadwell. >> you may know the affair came to light after this woman, 37- year-old jill kelley complained to a friend, an fbi agent. that would be this person here, that she was receiving threatening e-mails, reportedly from broadwell launching an investigation, and that put the lid on this.
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general john allen, a top commander in afghanistan, the man who took petraeus' place is now being investigated. seems when the fbi was looking into those e-mails, they also found 20 to 30,000 pages of back and forth between jill kelley and allen. some say they're potentially inappropriate, maybe even crossing the line. some say that other than a dear or a sweetheart, there's nothing going on. in another twist, remember that fbi agent, the one who started looking into the threatening e- mails? he's apparently now being investigated for sending shirtless pictures via e-mail over to kelley. he's now off the case. this is jill kelley's twin sister. what does she have to do with it? she's going through a nasty custody battle right now and allegedly both petraeus and allen wrote letters on her behalf. full circle, back to broadwell. fbi agents did a search of her north carolina home with her okay. and took 8 to 10 boxes with
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them. she's not talking and neither is petraeus, but her father is. he told the new york daily news, there's more. quote, this is about something else entirely and the truth will come out. there is a lot more that is going to come out. and what that is, i'm sure we'll find out soon. we're in northwest d.c. tonight, debra alfarone, 9 news. >> k debra, great demonstration. while the story of david petraeus' affair gets more complex by the hour, there's still one very basic question a lot of people are asking. why did he do it? there have been plenty of powerful men from bill clinton to anthony wiener who betrayed their families, marred stellar careers. why do men with so much to lose do this? fisher is an author of why we stray. >> it's very high testosterone. anybody who fights for rank as these men have are going to be
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high on testosterone. so that will trigger the sex drive. they're away from home a lot. they've got a lot of opportunities. a lot of women really like a high-ranking men. if they're not looking for somebody, they're likely to find a woman who really is interested in somebody like them. >> in civilian life an affair can cost a marriage, maybe a job. in the military, adultersers can also be prosecuted. david petraeus says the affair started after he retired as a four star general. tomorrow nancy pelosi will announce whether she'll continue as house minority leader or step down. she's asked female democrats in the house, including incoming freshmen to join her at the news conference. ten years ago she became the first woman to lead a party caw sus in the senate and after the -- caucus in the senate and she became the first house speaker ever. he was once the -- the chief psychiatrist at the fbi. now he says his patients are dying because the d.c.
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government won't allow him to prescribe medicine they need. >> to make it more of an hollywood drama, add an office break in, stolen prescription pads and allegations after drug ring forging signatures on his prescription they were selling $20 a pop. the drama takes an important step forward tomorrow. gary nurenberg is here to tell us all about that. >> reporter: he says three of his nearly 3,000 patients have now killed themselves in the months since d.c. pulled his license to prescribe class 2 prescription drugs. he now thinks his problems began with a former employee who he believes stole prescription pads, forged his name, and sold the prescriptions up and down the east coast, leading to at least one death and two government officials blaming him. >> it's been a nightmarish experience because i'm being falsely accused of having murdered and having killed a young man. >> reporter: he is a pain
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doctor who's northwest office was burglarized in january 2011. >> hundreds of prescription pads were gone. >> reporter: d.c. police confirmed the burglary report. it wasn't until this summer that a former employee told him that another former worker. >> was on the side running a drug business and was selling my prescriptions. she made a reference to thousands of prescriptions on the east coast. >> reporter: including the man who died after apparently filling one of those prescriptions. >> was a prescription that i've never, never in my life written. >> reporter: d.c. pulled his right to prescribe class 2 narcotics in april and since then among his patients. >> two successful suicides, unfortunate suicides. one coma and four hospitalizations. >> reporter: when we met patient cotes in april, other doctors would not prescribe the pain medications the doctor was giving him.
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>> just like i look. all right? just like i look. all right? and the bad part is, it's taking away my quality of life. >> reporter: the doctor cites national studies predicting suicide when pain patients are deprived of medication. and he fears other patients will die, too. >> horrible. horrible, horrible. >> reporter: he appears before the d.c. health department tomorrow to fight for his license to prescribe. he argues that pain itself causes brain damage. and he agrees that he prescribes pain medication less conservatively than other doctors, but argues that he does so for medical necessity. represented calls to the health department for its side of the story remain unanswered. anita? >> a lot of people affected here. thank you, gary. as long as former d.c. council chairman kwame brown stays out of trouble, he won'tspend time in jail for a
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campaign finance violation. a judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail but suspended the sentence. earlier in the day a federal judge sentenced brown to one day in custody followed by six months of home detention for lying on loan applications. he also has to complete 480 hours of community service. brown admitted to both those crimes in june. two jurisdictions and two unexplained murders. now, the teen suspect accused of being that killer is locked up. chad as an adult. our ken molestina is live in charles county where authorities made the big announcement today. kenny? >> reporter: yeah, they did, derek. this is one of those investigations out here that's beginning to take all kinds of strange turns that show you we're talking about. this is the 17-year-old suspect, joshua mebane. authorities say he's responsible for killing a 40- year-old woman out here and critically injuring her husband in nearby. but this teen is locked up in the district and 30 mis away from here, because d.c. police
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say he and his teen girlfriend are also the people behind another murder of a cab driver there. >> it's with a great deal of satisfaction that i announce that the charles county sheriff's office obtained an arrest warrant charging joshua terrell mebane, 17 years old in the murder of teresa bass and the critical wounding of her husband. >> reporter: the sheriff is talking about the night 40-year- old teresa bass was shot to death. her husband was also gunned down but survived. the couple had been walking the dog in their neighborhood. as it turns out, the 17-year- old suspect had been sitting behind bars in a washington, d.c. jail. he and his teen girlfriend are accused of shooting a cab driver to death there on november 7th. the cab was set on fire wi the driver's body inside. >> this is just shocking. i would never have even thought anything like this. >> reporter: a neighbor to the mebane's family knows shell and says she's shocked to hear the 17-year-old suspect lived next
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door to her. police found evidence in the home that linked the teen to the crimes. both the murder investigations and their details are separate from one another. the only common denominator is the suspect, joshua mebane. now the main question everyone is asking is still a mystery. what would possess the security to allegedly kill twice? >> at this point, that's what we're looking into. but we haven't got to that point yet. >> reporter: back out live here. we want to be absolutely clear here, mebane is being charged in both of these murders. his teen girlfriend only being charged in the murder of the cab driver in the district. earlier tonight we tried to reach out to the only survivor of these attacks, mr. bass, miss family, did speak to us off camera. they respectfully declined any interview. we're in charles county, ken molestina, 9 news. new tonight, a plane crashes into a home sending a person running for cover.
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check out the flames. some shooting 50 feet into the air. three people were on that plane that went down in jackson, mississippi. they haven't been accounted for at this time. the person inside the house suffered some minor injuries. it was a beating that went viral. video from 2007 shows an off duty chicago police officer beating a bartender. today, that woman finally got some justice. she was awarded $850,000 in a lawsuit against the city and that officer. we've got some more video you just have to see. a baltimore bus driver caught on camera whupping a high school student. this happened yesterday afternoon. the woman who shot the video says it all got started because the teen was playing her music just too loud. the bus driver claims the teenager was being disrespectful. tonight, that driver is on leave. and there is controversy on the catwalk. wait until you see the outfit that has victoria's secret apologizing. you're not going to believe
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what this woman did to her husband when she found out he didn't vote. she's sleeping in a jail cell tonight. he's in a hospital bed. that may be a mug shot. also a device that helps people leave wheelchairs and walkers behind, learning to walk again. that's next. topper? we stepped outside. a little bit on the chilly side. the cold front has done its job. here's your wakeup weather. grab a coat and shades. 30s at 7:00. only 35 to 44 by 9:00. yes, breezy again. we'll tell you how cold it's going to stay tomorrow and look ahead to the weekend in a possible storm on sunday.
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most of us tend to take walking around for granted. for some the dream of walking normally is just that. a dream. in tonight's health alert, an amazing device that's helping those dreams come true.
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>> it was april 3rd, 2011. i was in a single car car accident. >> reporter: he nearly lost his life as a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated driver. the car rolled into a creek where he nearly drowned. >> in the accident my neck was broken at the c-4, c-5 level. 90% of the time i was in a wheelchair. >> reporter: many weeks in a wheelchair helped him move from a wheelchair to a walker. >> i was waibl to walk -- was able to walk 200, 300 feet before i would not be able to walk anymore due to fatigue. i would constantly have leg spasms and trip up. >> reporter: then daniel got the chance to try cutting edge technology. this brace wraps around the leg and chects to a sensor -- connects to a sensor in the foot. when the sensor picks up trouble walking, the brace sends an electrical pulse to
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the leg muscles to help patients lift the foot completely when walking, stimulating a more complete step. >> i have been able to leave behind the chair. >> this device is appropriate for patients who have an injury to their central nervous system. some of those impairments would be spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis. >> reporter: dobson is another example. she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002. four years later, she could barely walk. >> yeah, i walked very slow. just took a lot of effort. i would drag my feet like foot drop. >> reporter: she started getting help from the l-300 last april and take a loot look at the difference. here she is walking with the l- 300 activated and here she is with the device off where she can barely stay balanced. no wonder she uses it all the time. she's able to climb stairs againfor the first time in years. >> we're very happy both from a
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neuromuscular reeducation and exercise standpoint. >> i've got them in april and haven't fallen since then. i would just trip on anything before. >> the l-300 is used at several facilities. it's available to buy for home use as well. it is expensive but there are refurbished systems as well at lower costs. our first patient, daniel, got his as a surprise gift from emmanuel bible church in fairfax county. this woman was not so happy when president obama was re- elected last week. she was more upset when she found out her husband didn't vote. they got into a big fight and she decided to run him over. and this arizona parking lot. now, he's in the hospital, and she's facing charges. victoria's secret apologizes for a fashion faux pas. check out the model that appeared in new york last week wearing an indian headdress,leopard print panties and high heels.
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the tribal called it ignorance. victoria's secret apologized and you won't see it when the fashion show airs on wusa 9. when we see high profil cheaters busted on national news we wonder why so many people are foolish so often. derek says the answer isn't thatcomplicated. >> to my mind this comes down to the big difference between what we like and what we value. for example, i value the idea of a stomach that looks like that, but i also like eating potato chips and fancy cupcakes. so this look is slightly more likely. same for monogamy. we give it a lot of lip service. anybody who appears to be successfully pulling it off, they get major kudos. we value it highly. but let's be real. that's not what we like. don't believe me? just look at our most popular tv shows. our advertising. and even the fact that this
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crazy david petraeus' sexy news story is all anybody wants to talk about. all of that is our human nature pulling us in a totally different direction. on the other hand, a good solid relationship, well that is a lot like that six-pack. it's really hard to get and even harder to keep for any length of time. after all, there's a lot of potato chips and cupcakes out there. let's be real, most of us are terrible at saying no. doesn't mean it's not worth doing, though. just means that perhaps we ought to acknowledge how tempted even the best of us can be by what we like and how tough that can make it to hold on to what we value. topp? >> all right, well said, derek. check this out. solar eclipse. you had to be way away in either queensland, australia or new did he land. it was a beautiful -- new zealand. the moon blocks the sun. it looks ominous for a while. it took over 2 minutes. it was a total eclipse of the sun.
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all right, let's talk about our live look outside as our michael and son weather cam. we have a crisp night. temperature 40 right now. dew point 25. winds are north/northwest at 13. the pressure continues to rise at 30.49 inches of mercury. check this out. 24 hour temperature change. so gaithersburg, 32 degrees colder right now than it was this time yesterday. 31 degrees colder in frederick. 24 degrees colder downtown. 27 in manassas. the actual high temperature today was 65. that occurred at midnight, about 12:20 this morning and the low so far is 40. that will be the midnight temperature, too. sometimes numbers are a little deceiving. right now it's 30 in gaithersburg. 30 in frederick. you factor in the wind and it feels like it's in the 20s and some cases low 20s. so cold start at the bus stop. mr. bernstein will be here bright and early for that. you need your shades and jacket pretty much all day. dry through the week. that's kind of a silver lining, if you will. going to be a pretty nice week.
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just a little temperature change. and rather chilly tomorrow. i think chilly describes wednesday and i think cool describes the thursday and friday. so overnight, clear skies, still a bit breezy and cold. one, maybe two blanket night. lows in the 30s. winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15. by morning, mostly sunny, breezy and cold. yes, grab a jacket and a coat. 30s and 40s. winds now nor'easterly at 10 to 15. not windy tomorrow but breezy. that northeast wind can be a cutting wind. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. keep the coat handy. high temperatures near 50. winds northeast at 10 to 15. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green, green and green which is good. chilly but nice on wednesday, 50. 52 on thursday. cool but nice. and then on friday, still cool. we're going in the right direction. temperatures in the mid-50s. again, not much wind thursday and friday. next seven days. saturday, gorgeous for the terps, 55. sunday we'll keep the chance for some rain late on sunday or
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sunday night. i'm getting more confident that the skins game will be dry. it will be chilly. temps near 50. low 50s monday and low 50s on tuesday with sun returning. kristin will return with sports right after this. stay tuned.
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the accolades just keep rolling in for the washington nationals. last night bryce harper was named rookie of the year. tonight it was davy johnson's turn. the nats skipper won manager of the year. talk about a comeback. after more than a decade out of the big leagues, johnson returned to lead the nationals to an n.l. east title, and d.c.'s first post-season bert in 79 years and his first full season as skipper. he graciously accepted tonight's award but says he couldn't have done it alone. >> really, this award is really nice, but i look more as an organizational award, because the learner family has done a great job. ly zoe and staff -- rizzo and staff have been outstanding, great drafts. young players stepped in when key players got hurt like weather and michael morris --
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like werth and michael morris. we had a lot of young catchers come up. it was a remarkable year. >> unfortunately it wasn't a dmv sweep. orioles manager buck showalter was nominated for the -- award but narrowly lost to oakland's a's manager. it was four points deferential. ernie and some other wizards brass in attendance at tonight's wizards bobcats game. maybe he wanted to see firsthand how bad his team is. i wish i had better news for you tonight, i really do. the wizards held the lead for most of the first quarter. things went downhill after that. the bobcats held them. the wizards remain winless on the season, losing to the bobcats by 16. the redskins have had plenty of time to think about their recent slide. analyze what's been going
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wrong. now coming off the by week, the second half of their season doesn't get easier. five of their last seven games are against divisional opponents, starting with philadelphia. a mike vickless philadelphia possibly. sunday the skins will go up against the rookie quarterback nick foles. if they want any kind of shot at a winning season, the skins need to play their best football starting now. >> anybody's comfort, you know. we control our own destiny, so to speak. you need a little help somewhat, but we come out and play, and play like we're capable of and get a couple of wins going, you know, we're right in the picture. >> you've got to be careful not to underestimate that rookie. >> i've only got one question. can the redskins beat the wizards at football? >> or could the wizards beat the redskins at basketball? >> another interesting question. >> be right back.
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>> that is our broadcast for tonight. thanks for being here. >> david letterman is next. we will see you tomorrow. good night.
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